Harold Avenue Greenspace: a wildlife garden

The Harold Avenue Greenspace forms a gateway into the Fraser Forest, an old growth stand in the heart of Intown Atlanta.  As Lake Claire neighborhood’s park, Harold Avenue Greenspace offers a simple street-side resting spot for passsers-by with a view of wildlife and deep woods.

Recently cleared of kudzu and other invasive species, the neighborhood needed a plan for restoring the native plants to this natural park.  Smart Landscapes designed a colorful bird-and-butterfly garden to compliment proposed benches along Harold Avenue. Beyond a wooden railing, the garden drops off quickly to a spring-fed stream that runs into the forest. The slope across the stream offers the perfect spot for wildlife viewing.  The planting plan specifies food plants for the woodland wildlife.

Many thanks to the neighbors who joined us for a planting day in October 2010, and special thanks to Epworth at Candler Park Church, who donated native plants and wildflowers to get the garden started.

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